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This contract is a service contract for the rental of a wc mobile at an event (public / private event).


2.1 Toilets Events undertakes to comply with the regulations in force in the establishment and with the laws and regulations in force in the country.

2.2 The Provider undertakes to carry out the task specified in Article 1 in accordance with the rules of the trade and in the best possible manner.

2.3 Our mobile toilets will be delivered no later than 2 hours before the start of your event.
However, depending on the number of services we have on the same day we can make the delivery earlier in the day.

2.4 The wc mobile will be picked up at the end of your event by default (time indicated on the contract) but can be picked up the next day if we are unable to come and collect the equipment.


3.1 The customer, who is fully responsible for the service that he organizes, will have to pay for all declarations and requests for administrative authorizations to be made in due time.

3.2 Allow for a vehicle plus trailer for the installation, i.e. a site of at least 8m by 3m and a height of 3m.

3.3 The location of a toilet trailer must be on level ground. In all cases, a 220v / 10 ampere power supply must be available at the machine location. The power supply must NEVER be disconnected by a third party. The toilet trailer must not be moved after installation.

3.4 The customer must inform us of the exact location of the toilet trailer and/or provide us with a plan in case of absence during assembly and in anticipation of technical constraints.

3.5 The customer is solely responsible for any damage caused during the event. All damage, intentional or otherwise, will be billed. We therefore recommend that you take out civil liability insurance.

3.6 The customer will be solely responsible for any damage caused during the event. Any damage, whether deliberate or not, will be invoiced. It is therefore recommended to be the beneficiary of a civil liability (RC). In this case, the link of the photos will be transmitted after settlement of the damage. A technician (not present during the event) is at your disposal for any malfunction of the machine. In case of no call in case of problem, no discount will be possible. Texts/SMS/email/calls to delivery personnel are not taken into account. Being sometimes in installation in basement or without network, it happens that we do not receive for a while. We will call you back as soon as we recover the network.


4.1 To confirm the quotation, please return the signed quotation via the link at the bottom of your quotation “Request for Confirmation”. As soon as we receive it, we will confirm the presence of our machine at your event by return e-mail, depending on availability. Without our confirmation, the confirmation is not definitive.


5.1 For any cancellation of our service, you may be asked to pay a fee.
After confirmation of the quotation -> 30% of the total amount.
Less than 1 month before the event -> 50% of the total amount.
Less than 15 days before the event -> 70% of the total amount.
Less than 1 week before the event -> 100% of the total amount.

For a request for postponement “without restriction of the state” and therefore at your request, 30% minimum penalty will be charged (according to the cancellation date) which will be paid before the new date. The initial invoice will have to be paid on the date initially planned. You will have a credit note corresponding to the initial amount of the service that you can use in the year or the following year.

All definitive cancellations from your part without postponement will generate penalty fees of minimum 30% (see conditions above).


6.1 As a private individual or foreign company:
– The payment must be on our bank account at the latest 30 working days before the date of the event. After this deadline, you can only pay for our services in cash on the day of the event. Please inform us of your preference before the 10 working days before the event.

As a Swiss company:
– The payment must be on our bank account no later than 30 days after the date of the event. All services performed at the end of the year must be paid 3 working days before the last day of the year.

6.2 A reminder fee (50.00 chf) may be charged for late payment.

6.3 Interest of 10% may be charged for late payment (date of the event + 45 days). After 60 days, without payment on your part despite our reminders, we will forward the file to the Geneva office in charge of litigation.

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